“Feline Adventure: Kitten Explores the Rooftops and Says Goodbye to His Last Food Left, Seeking Help”

A baby kitten is crying for days in the backyard. In the meantime, a building is being constructed nearby. Where is the noise coming from? The building is the source of the noise. The point of the building is highlighted at the top of the construction. The kitten is overwhelmed there. Is the kitten crying right now? Yes. Outside the window, the kitten walks on the narrow roof dangerously. Looking down on the edge of the roof, the kitten cries loudly. How long has it been there? When I was sleeping at night, I heard a cat crying and opened the window. I found the kitten crying and climbing up the roof. It has been five days since then. How did this little kitten end up alone on the roof?

The cute little kittens are out and about. As I keep staring at the edge while looking down to the ground, I feel bad for the kitten. And also afraid that the kitten might fall to the ground.

I feel bad for the kitten, and also afraid that it might fall to the ground. Despite the concern in the moment, I am still fond of the kitten. I am also aware that the kitten might fall to the ground.

In addition to the moment’s concern, the kitten keeps going back to the edge and cries out loud. The concern prepares a meal for the kitten, but I don’t know how to get him fed.

So I’m mixing whatever food together so that he can drink for a bit. Hey kitten! Want some food? As if he already smells the food, the kitten is already looking at it.

Upon grabbing the food bag, the kitten runs away. Would he come back to the food bag?

Though the kitten was trapped on the roof, I can only see one side of the roof. So I don’t know how the kitten comes to the roof and goes somewhere else.

In fact, there is another roof connected to the roof where the kitten was trapped. Search the other roof.

The cat cannot be found and the windows are all closed, so there is no place for the kitten to hide. The producer searches the bottom of the building, hoping that nothing bad happened to him. An assistant appears to help. Spotting a kitten rushes to somewhere else. What could it be? It looks exactly like the kitten on the roof. Then how could the kitten get down from there? Meowing, the kitten is still on the roof?! What happened? Where’s the other kitten on the ground and where’s the kitten on the roof? The kitten cries louder than ever and the kitten on the ground leaves. Everything goes away. The kitten appears to be calm if it is not related to him. Are you trying to jump? No way. The kitten climbs already. In which pathway has he used to go back and forth? Observes the surroundings. The kitten approaches it and takes it away somewhere else. The kitten rushes to another roof. Dangerously walks on the window. The birds at the window connect to the inside of the building. Something else is happening there. He could get inside the building, but failed to find the way out. Check if there is any way out to the outside.

Hello there,
The door is shut.
Found the window, where the kitten often comes in and out frequently.
Perhaps the kitten is related to this house?
I called you to inform you that the kitten is trapped on the roof of the villa.
Where to trap the kitten to be trapped?
The window is open, the window of your house.
The kitten goes inside through the window.
Then the empty plastic container used to put food inside was used to put food inside.
The kitten must have eaten food here.
Maybe the kitten thinks this place is the safest place for him.
Or he might have ended up lonely and scary during a long and tiring day alone inside the building.
The sixth night on the edge of the roof came.
The kitten cries again on the edge..
Cries all through the night.
The rescue of the kitten is decided.
There should be no place for the kitten to climb the wall outside.
I think the kitten used the stairs to go up to the roof.
The sound of people’s footsteps must be a threat to him.
Noise and danger…
Think he could afford to go out to the roof yet?
Since there weren’t too many people passing by.
Noisy and dangerous…
He thinks he could afford to get out to the roof.
But still, it’s dangerous.
The fact that he’s taking a risk to walk on the roof indicates that he’s desperate to go down to the ground.
It was too risky to stay on the roof! Put the trap cage where the kitten thinks it’s safe and lure the kitten inside with food.
The rescue team and the producer will watch from a distance.
Wait for the kitten.

Hello there!

As usual, the kitten jumps to the window
Gets close to the trap cage
Thinking if he should go inside or not
Carefully walks into the cage!

PD/ Did we get him? / Yes
Safely rescued the kitten
Check the kitten’s health first
Vet/ The kitten doesn’t show any physical problems
But he must have mentally stressed out
Because he desperately wanted to get down, but he couldn’t
Also, since he couldn’t find food by himself
If he doesn’t eat when he has a chance,
He must’ve been very anxious out of fear that he might not be able to eat again
And binged on food

That caused the expansion of the stomach and stress
Though the kitten bravely survived on the roof,
Living off the food from the informant
Every single day on the roof for 4 months was a horror itself to this little, 4-month-old kitten…
With no worries…
Hope he lives happily ever after!

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