Introducing Blue and Ozzy: The Adorable Rescued Siamese Kitties of iilla.

Gorgeous felines from different parts of the globe are unfortunately taken to shelters against their will. It’s not their fault that they have to be surrendered, and many of them don’t end up with a happy home. However, two Seal Point Siamese cats from Sea Point, Western Cape, South Africa have an inspiring story to tell. They prove that it’s possible to find purebred cats in shelters. If you’re looking to adopt a cat of a particular breed, you can reach out to your local shelter or breed-specific rescue organizations. You might just get lucky and find your perfect furry friend while also giving back to the community.

Blue and Ozzy

As for Ozzy, he was adopted from a local animal rescue shelter in March 2020. I was specifically looking for a companion for Blue, and Ozzy’s playful and friendly personality seemed like the perfect fit.

How do they get along with one another?
Blue and Ozzy hit it off right away and have been inseparable ever since. They are constantly playing and cuddling with each other, and it warms my heart to see them so happy together.

How would you describe each of their personalities?
Blue is a bit more reserved and laid back compared to Ozzy, who is always up for a game or a cuddle. Blue is also very vocal and loves to talk to me whenever I come home from work. Ozzy, on the other hand, is a social butterfly and loves meeting new people and pets. Despite their differences, they complement each other perfectly and bring so much joy to my life.

Around 9 months after taking in my rescue Siamese, I began searching for another one. Unfortunately, it’s not easy finding one where I’m located. Capetonians Against Animal Abuse is a fantastic organization that specializes in rescuing cats and kittens. I was able to get pictures of Ozzy from them and picked him up in December of 2019. His name comes from his wild and energetic personality. Additionally, he has incredibly crossed eyes, making it a wonder how he manages to see straight! Here’s a picture of Ozzy as a baby.

Blue and Ozzy

In terms of their relationship, they have an okay dynamic. They’re not the best of friends, but they don’t outright hate each other either. They tend to playfully bully one another on occasion and can be quite jealous. Despite this, they rarely have serious conflicts.

As for their personalities, Blue is the epitome of a cat. He’s dignified and likes to keep his distance from others, except when it comes to mealtimes. He’s definitely the more laid-back of the two and enjoys lounging around like a king.

On the other hand, Ozzy is a complete bundle of love. He’s obsessed with food and being cuddled. He craves attention and loves to play with abandon, not caring how he looks in the process. That being said, he’s not the brightest bulb in the box.

Blue and Ozzy

Blue and Ozzy

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