Introducing Yoda: The Unconventional Cat with Four Ears

Imagine if Batman had a feline companion, it might resemble this unusual cat. Yoda, their family pet, was born with an extra pair of ears. The couple, Valerie and Ted Rock, adopted him from a local Chicago pub two years ago. The curious drinkers were passing him around and he was part of a litter that needed a new home.

Yoda the four-eared cat

Meet Yoda, a two-year-old cat with a unique feature: he was born with four ears. His owners, a couple from Illinois, immediately fell in love with the feline when they saw him being passed around at a pub. Despite having just lost their pet of 20 years, they decided to adopt him and named him after the iconic Star Wars character. Yoda quickly made himself at home, especially on the shoulder of the husband, who was won over when the kitten fell asleep on him. The couple later took Yoda to the vet for a check-up. Interestingly, they learned that the Star Wars character was actually based on George Lucas’ own cat.

Valerie Rock and Yoda the four-eared cat

Valerie Rock rescued Yoda from a bar in Chicago and brought him home with her. However, the vet was baffled by his unique appearance. Valerie explains that the vet had never seen anything like it before and had to search the internet to find a similar cat in Germany. Other vets have also confirmed that they have never encountered anything like Yoda’s appearance. As a result, Yoda is an indoor cat with a chip installed in case he gets lost, as Valerie fears he might be catnapped due to his distinctive appearance. Yoda has four ears, with two extra flaps placed separately behind the base of his skull. Despite his unusual looks, Valerie insists that Yoda’s behavior and hearing are normal. She enjoys showing him off to people who do a double-take when they see him or his pictures.


Introducing Yoda, the feline named after the wise character from Star Wars. Despite popular belief, Yoda’s unique ears were not achieved through surgery. In fact, he is just a normal, friendly cat who loves to explore and cuddle. Unlike other cats, Yoda isn’t afraid of much and enjoys socializing with his human companions. However, he does have a peculiar craving for bread and his purrs are so subtle that they can only be felt through vibrations on his throat. He may also meow softly and infrequently, which adds to his charming personality. Overall, Yoda is a delightful addition to any family and brings joy to all who meet him.

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