“Love and Hope: A Cancer-Stricken Dog’s Last Effort to Reunite with Her Beloved Owner”

Canines are undeniably one of the most loyal creatures found on Earth, and their devotion towards their loved ones is beyond measure. The tale of an 11-year-old pooch diagnosed with cancer is a testament to the strength of their loyalty.

Kermie, a lovable pet, was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer just one month after her owner, Eric Ralston, left for his eight-month deployment. Jennifer, Eric’s spouse, shared on her YouTube channel that the family wasn’t expecting Kermie to be able to reunite with her beloved “dad” upon his return.

The family got devastating news just 12 days before Eric’s homecoming. Jennifer shared on her YouTube channel that Eric’s deployment was being extended indefinitely, and they wouldn’t be able to spend Christmas together. Unfortunately, Kermie would not be able to hold on until then.

Kermie, however, managed to resist eating until Eric came back home. Eric’s arrival seemed to have an enchanting effect on Kermie as she held him in high regard. She started eating and drinking again upon his return and even made it to her 12th birthday in January. Though the cancer eventually took her life in late February 2013, Kermie was fortunate enough to spend her last days with the man she loved.

The family of Eric Ralston captured a heartwarming moment on camera when he was reunited with his beloved dog, Kermie. The scene was nothing short of miraculous, and the pure joy on Kermie’s face upon seeing Eric again was priceless. Check out the touching reunion in the video below.

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