Meet the Irresistible Dutch Somali Cat Trio: Adorable, Fearless, and Stunningly Gorgeous.

Consider yourself fortunate if you’ve ever had the chance to see a Somali cat in person. These cats are a long-haired variation of the impressive Abyssinian breed, and there is much to admire about these rare creatures. A trio of Somali cats from the Netherlands, known as Somaliamore, have captured the hearts of cat enthusiasts worldwide due to their breathtaking beauty and charming poses. I recently contacted their owner to feature them on our website, and fortunately, they agreed.
Introducing Simon, Bram, and Harun – the delightful Somaliamore feline trio!
What inspired their names?
How well do they get along with one another?
Can you describe their unique personalities?
Continue reading to find out more.



Hey there!
So, I was chatting with Harun and asked how they came up with the names of their three Somali cats. It turns out that Simon was born on Christmas day and was named after one of Jesus’ brothers by the breeder. Bram was named after Simon’s father, and Harun was chosen by them from a list provided by the breeder.
As for their relationships, these cats are a tight-knit family and enjoy spending time cuddling, napping, and playing together.



In terms of their personalities, Simon is an explorer who loves to delve into new experiences and lead the way. Bram, on the other hand, is a calm and affectionate creature who enjoys nothing more than snuggling up for a cuddle. Harun, meanwhile, is a cheerful and mischievous cat who is always seeking out fun and games, especially when he’s wide awake!

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