Neighbors Report Starving Dog Tied to Tree Behind a Horse

Hugo Leiza and his roommates were overwhelmed with emotions when they discovered a half-starved puppy chained up in a backyard just a few blocks from their Miami home. Without thinking of the consequences, they decided to kidnap the poor pup. They started by bringing food and water to the residence located in the Liberty City neighborhood. The dog was chained to a tree on the ground, with its ribs visible due to malnourishment.

Upon their arrival, the dog barked at them but eventually allowed them to come closer. When they offered him food, he ate it all up. The residents of the facility arrived at the scene at that moment. “We ran out from the backyard, walked to the front, and talked to them,” one resident told The Dodo. Leiza asked the locals, “What’s the issue with the dog?”

The resident stated that, “It’s my nephew’s dog. When he moved three months ago, he left the dog behind.” And thus began the journey of a dog named Ganesh, named after the Hindu god famous for removing obstacles and delivering wealth. It’s a fitting name for a dog whose first and most regrettable impediment was removed last week – a rope that had not been removed from his beak.

Alex Carvalho expressed his excitement about being able to walk and even dance for the first time in a long while, as shared by his friends on YouTube. The strength he showed that day was truly remarkable. After a refreshing bath and thorough scrub, he was treated with coconut oil to nourish his skin. It would have been an unforgettable experience to witness his progress firsthand.

He received hugs and found love, and he gave back everything with abundance.

After making contact with animal control regarding Ganesh’s situation, the rescuers decided not to file a report as they were afraid of what might happen to the dog. Instead, they reached out to Good Karma Pet Rescue for assistance, recognizing their expertise in rescuing animals.
Thanks to the rescue efforts, Ganesh will now have the opportunity to find a permanent home. Although he has numerous veterinary appointments ahead of him, once he recovers from his illness, he will be eligible for adoption.
In the meantime, he will be living with his four rescuers, Alex Carvalho, Hugo Leiza, Ste Hern├índez, and Alejandro Valecia, ensuring that he is never abandoned again. A group of friends has even launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for Ganesh’s rehabilitation and ongoing care, pledging to keep him “happy and free throughout all his doggy years.”

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