Tears Flowing Freely: Witnessing His Bent Double in Pain

People who adore dogs cannot comprehend why anyone would want to hurt an innocent animal without any justification. There are individuals who are cruel, and their actions make no sense. The tale of Spencer is a heartbreaking one where this poor dog had to endure a lot of mistreatment during his initial year on earth.

Meet Spencer, an adorable Doberman who was found wandering along the roadside in South Carolina. Unfortunately, he had been hit by a car and was scavenging for food, including roadkill. Despite his unfortunate circumstances, Spencer is a friendly pup who is sure to steal your heart.

Fortunately, Spencer was brought to Paws & Claws in Columbia, South Carolina with the help of some compassionate people. The veterinarian and staff at the clinic noticed right away that Spencer had sustained injuries to his back, most likely due to a car collision.

The staff members noticed that the poor dog had a botched ear crop that appeared to have been done by someone without proper training. To make matters worse, during the examination, x-rays showed a cluster of bird bones in his stomach that could have caused serious damage. The dog also had cuts on his head and legs that required medical attention.

It was clear that Spencer had suffered abuse and he somehow found himself alone on the street, struggling to survive. Fortunately, the VCA Animal Specialty Center of South Carolina came to his rescue and delivered some promising news. Despite his small size, they believed that with surgery, Spencer’s spine could heal and he would regain use of his legs.

Thank goodness, his surgery on his back was successful and he’s now on the road to recovery, relearning how to walk again. To add to the good news, the veterinarians found out that the bones in his stomach were beginning to pass through naturally without any issues. It seems like everything is progressing smoothly.

Currently, he is on the road to recovery thanks to the compassionate staff and his physical therapy sessions. His progress has been remarkable! From being fully dependent on assistance to walking on his own without a sling, he has regained his mobility in no time. His happy-go-lucky personality is back, and he can now enjoy his life to the fullest. Despite his mishap, he remains a lively and healthy dog who is enthusiastic about what the future holds for him.

Spencer has finally found his permanent residence!

It’s not unexpected that this courageous pup found his ideal home, which includes fellow furry companions! His owners keep tabs on his Facebook page, so make sure to hit that follow button.

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