“The Heartwarming Story of a Shelter Dog Who Won’t Stop Hugging His Adoptive Owner”

Kayla Filoon spends her free time volunteering at a local animal shelter called ACCT Philly. She has been dedicated to walking the shelter dogs for about a year now and finds great fulfillment in doing so. Out of all the dogs that she has bonded with, there is one stray that has won her heart.

Russ was a stray dog that came to ACCT Philly in a very bad condition. The poor pup was very thin, had bald spots in his fur and many injuries. Russ was also having kennel cough. He looked very scary as he stared at Kayla from his cage.

Kayla opted to take a walk with the unattractive-looking dog and was pleasantly surprised that Russ was not as misbehaved as she had initially assumed. Unlike most dogs, he didn’t react or bark, and displayed a more affectionate side. Additionally, Russ exhibited some basic understanding of commands. After her pleasant experience with him, Kayla decided to adopt him the following day, without any hesitation.

Kayla was aware of the shelter’s space issues that could endanger Russ, so she wasted no time in completing the necessary paperwork and taking him home with her the next day.

Russ had recently moved in with Kayla and within two weeks, he seemed to have adapted well to his new surroundings. A photo captured by Kayla’s aunt depicted Russ as affectionate and adorable as he cuddled with Kayla on their couch. The picture became an instant hit on social media, garnering viral attention.

Kayla shared with The Dodo that while she was doing her homework, her pet dog was attempting to cuddle with her. Despite having another sofa and bed available, the dog preferred to sleep with Kayla. She looked down and was amazed at how adorable he looked.

“He is such an affectionate pet,” she remarked. “Whenever I’m resting, he comes and cuddles with me by placing his head under my arm or his paw on my chest. He even likes sleeping on my bosom at times.”

This adorable pair is sure to give anyone warm and fuzzy feelings. Kayla has high hopes that sharing this picture of them will inspire more people to adopt dogs from shelters and give them the loving homes they deserve.

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