The Heartwarming Tale of Tiger Cubs Nursed by a Canine Companion in a Zoo in China (Footage)

A dog has become an unexpected foster parent to some tiger cubs. This unconventional family resides at the Nanning Zoo located in Guangxi Province in southern China, where the lioness mother of the cubs was unable to look after them due to illness. The adorable cubs can often be seen wrestling with each other over their next meal and drinking from the affable dog.

At the Nanning Zoo in southern China, a surrogate mother dog can be seen taking care of three newly born tiger cubs. This method of introducing lion and tiger cubs to other species for nursing is a common practice in China. One such instance occurred in 2007, when pictures of ‘Hunai’ feeding three tiger cubs went viral on the internet, becoming the focus of animal lovers worldwide. Animal experts claim that it is a regular technique to place abandoned animal babies with surrogate mothers of the same species to prevent re-abandonment at a later stage. While being a surrogate mother might be a dog’s life, these three cubs seem delighted to snuggle up to their unusual parent.

The three lion cubs had to look for assistance from other sources as their mother was unable to provide care for them due to her ill health.

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