“Worth the Rescue: Notorious, the Paralyzed Dog and His Blind Buddy Shady Show the True Value of Adopting Pets”

Cheyeanne shares that the death of her mother was both the best and worst thing that ever happened to her, as it forced her to live in the present at a young age. With the support of her dogs, Cash (who has since passed away) and later Notorious and Shady, she was able to overcome her grief and start truly living again. Cheyeanne made significant changes in her life, including a career change, a move, and ending a long-term relationship. She spent an entire year discovering herself and what she wanted out of life, with the goal of finding happiness and making others happy. She firmly believes that achieving this is possible with every fiber of her being.

Cheyeanne’s first rescue pet after her mom’s passing was Notorious, who also happened to be her first disabled pet. She discovered the pup through a Facebook link sent by her sister, and it was love at first sight. The little dog was barely a year old, yet she was running around in the snow without the use of her hind legs, doing flips and circles while making high-pitched squeals. Cheyeanne was struck by the dog’s spunk and exuberance. However, she had reservations about adopting a pet with special needs since she had no prior experience. Despite this, she couldn’t shake the thought of the dog from her mind, so she applied for adoption. A few months later, she welcomed Notorious into her home.

After adopting a new dog from a shelter in Spokane, WA, Cheyeanne named her Notorious. Now, eight years later, the spunky and happy Notorious still loves running 5Ks in her wheelchair, despite being around nine or ten years old. When Cheyeanne lets her off the leash, Notorious barrels down hills fearlessly, unaware of her disability. Cheyeanne’s other dog, Shady, was also love at first sight, but in a different way. Usually, shelter pets need time to adjust to their new homes, but Shady immediately trusted and loved everyone. Despite Cheyeanne’s preference for “unadoptable” rescues, she initially didn’t think Shady was the right fit because she seemed too lovable and easy to adopt. However, after meeting her, Cheyeanne couldn’t resist her adorable, wagging tail and decided to give her a home. Unfortunately, the rescue informed her that Shady was a special needs dog, which made her harder to place since people usually want an animal with a specific purpose.

The previous owners of Shady handed her over to a vet after a car accident caused her to lose both eyes. Although the vets attempted to reattach her eyes, only one remained intact, and she could barely see out of it. Due to her age, Shady was deemed less adoptable. However, Cheyeanne made the decision to take her in, and it has proven to be a great choice. Shady is incredibly easy-going and has adjusted well to her new surroundings. Her friendly nature has made her popular with everyone, including men, women, children, dogs, and cats. She is simply a chameleon who loves everyone.

Cheyeanne has a unique way of naming her dogs – after musicians who have impacted her life with their music. Her furry friends include Cash (named after Johnny Cash), Notorious (named after The Notorious B.I.G.), and Shady (named after Slim Shady, aka Eminem). For Cheyeanne, music has been a constant support during life’s ups and downs. It has helped her realize that everyone faces challenges, making it one of the staples of her everyday life. She believes that it is not how you start in life, but how you finish that matters. By naming her dogs after music icons, she has always hoped for them to become icons themselves. These senior rescue dogs with disabilities bring hope and purpose to Cheyeanne’s life and have touched the lives of others as well. Despite the joy they bring, owning disabled rescue dogs comes with its own set of challenges. Notorious struggles with bladder control while Shady needs constant monitoring, especially around water. Finding dog-sitters for her furry friends during travel can also be a big responsibility.

Despite the challenges that come with raising pets, there are definitely some perks that make it all worth it. In fact, there are even some unexpected advantages you might not have considered. Take for instance, the fact that pets can’t jump on your furniture – it’s a win-win situation! As for Cheyeanne, her furry friends Notorious and Shady are her loyal sidekicks on all of her outdoor escapades. Whether it’s paddleboarding, hiking, or running 5k (or even 10k) races with Shady in her backpack, these dogs are always up for an adventure. They love exploring the great outdoors, spotting wildlife, and making new friends along the way.

Cheyeanne Murphy’s dogs, Notorious and Shady, have helped her see the value in life and find joy in small moments. Watching her happy dogs wake up every day inspired Cheyeanne and pulled her out of a dark place. She admires their ability to remain positive despite their disabilities and age, which has motivated her to encourage others to adopt rescue pets, particularly senior animals or those with disabilities. Although they may require more effort, she believes that the rewards of giving these pets a chance far outweigh the work involved. Cheyeanne’s personal tragedy – losing her mother to cancer at a young age – opened her eyes to the fragility of life and taught her to prioritize what truly matters.

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